The Game

Escape Room  is a place, consisted of one or more rooms, connected to each other. It has been created based on a specific scenario and contains puzzles and riddles to solve. Each room has its own script, with some of them also including live acting, from professional actors. The game lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the room / scenario you choose. The team can consist 2 to 6 people, while the age of the players can be from 8 years! Please note that children under the age of 8 can participate, but only with parental attendance.

Objective of the Game

The objective is to escape the room, solve puzzles and unfold the scenario of a story in which you are the star. Puzzles, require exploration, logic, observation, perceptual abilities, and basic physical abilities. No special skills, talents or knowledge are required. If you have difficulties in solving some puzzles, the game master that is watching you, gives you help and directions, in order to overcome the difficulties and move on.

In Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, the smart puzzles, the beautiful and friendly environment, the exquisite decoration of the rooms and the emphasis on detail, are the main components of the ultimate escaping experience. Choose the scenario, your company and experience the exciting mystery world of Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki.


The process can be completed in 4 simple steps and is very easy.
The first step is to choose one of the rooms of Great Escape Thessaloniki. Choose the room that looks interesting to you, after reading the scenarios that describe each game.

The second step is to select the date. After selecting your preferred room, a calendar appears in which you select the date you want to play.

The third step is to select the time. After selecting a date, the reservation mode opens on that day, with all the hours that the room is available. Select by clicking the time you want.

The fourth and final step in the process, is to fill in your details on the form that appears when you select the time.

After completing the process, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
The payments are made after you arrive at the Great Escape Thessaloniki.

The ideal scenario is to get 10 minutes before the game starts, so the manager will give you the necessary instructions for the room. In case you arrive late there are two cases.
Case one – If the room is not booked after you, you will have all the time without any problem.
Case two – If there is a booking after you, the time to get out of the room will be limited.

Of course! You can cancel or change the booking time, or day.
In order to cancel the reservation you must call us, or select the cancellation link from the mail you received after the end of the initial booking.
Once you cancel, you must make a new booking.

Next to each room in our website, you can find its level of difficulty. If you are a new player, we would recommend some of the rooms with a low level of difficulty. Generally speaking, these are simple logic games that do not require special knowledge and experience. If your observability, cooperative skills and logic are good, then you will have absolutely no problem.

The only scary game of the Great Escape in Thessaloniki, is room “The Ritual“. If you are overwhelmed or feel discomfort, you can press the panic button at any time. By pressing the button, the exit door opens automatically and you can leave the room directly.

Escape rooms is a game of observation and logic, where people from 8 to 108 can take part. Children younger than 10 years old should have an adult companion, in order to help them when necessary.

Simple and flexible.

Team Building activities at Great Escape in Thessaloniki are ideal for the development of partnerships and teamwork.