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  • Monday September 25th, 2017
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Escape Rooms Thessaloniki

Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, is a relatively new kind of entertainment that has a steady upward trend all over the world. This kind of games are based mainly on the teamwork and the interactivity of the players. The benefits are double…. It is undoubtedly fun as a game, but at the same time it puts your logic and imagination to the test. The rooms of the Great Escape Room Thessaloniki do not need some special skills or encyclopedic knowledge to escape. Successful completion of the game is based primarily on your team’s ability to collaborate, quick thinking and concentration.

It might sounds pretty easy… but do not forget that all this, must be done under the 60 or 75-minute pressure. The best allies in this process are definitely your intuition, body, imagination and logic. Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, challenge you to make the most of your 5 senses, since the details are the ones that will offer you the ultimate escape experience in our specially designed spaces. All rooms are suitable for all ages, from 10 to 100 years, except for the “The Ritual” room. This room is quite frightening and for this reason it is appropriate for people older than 18 years and for people who have no history of heart disease or claustrophobia.

Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki – Can you escape?

escape rooms thessaloniki

How is it played?

Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki offer some truly unique moments of fun and adventure. The mission you have to accomplish is simple. You and your team join one of the specially designed rooms of Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki. Your ultimate goal is to escape before your time runs out. To achieve your goal, you need to solve a series of complex puzzles and riddles. Hidden items and keys will lead you to the last and most crucial puzzle.

Upon entering one of our Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, a brief presentation of all the important instructions and script is made. During the game, a Game Master sees you through the special cameras that are in the room, in order to provide useful information, in case you can not solve a puzzle. This is done only if it is judged to be absolutely necessary for the smooth outcome of the game.

Will you be able to decode the riddles and open the exit door of the room?

escape rooms thessaloniki

Who can play at Escape Rooms?

Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki are located at 22, Vasileos Heraklion, in the center of Thessaloniki. They are suitable for those who are looking for some exciting and interactive group game. Playing in the rooms of the Great Escape, you will spend unforgettable moments and tighten your teams relationships. The Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, is an alternative form of entertainment, suitable for:

Groups of friends

If you are looking for an original and entertaining activity to spend unforgettable moments with your friends, then Great escape rooms are the best solution. Try a different experience that you will definitely love and talk about, for a long time!


Are you with your family in Thessaloniki and got bored doing all the classic activities? Great Escape is the activity that you and your children have to try … This is the fun side of Thessaloniki.

Online Escape games fans

Are you a fan of online escape games? Then for sure, Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki is an activity you should try! These two games share the same logic, except that in Great Escape the room is real, and the player trapped in it, is you. So, if you think you’re an expert on online games, book now and live the ultimate experience!

Team Building

The outstanding cooperation of a company members, is perhaps the main factor of success. Great Escape Rooms Thessaloniki, enhance the interaction and chemistry among the company’s employees. Taking part in this Team Building activity improves team cohesion to the maximum and employees get better acquainted with each other.


Escape Rooms is a great gift, if you are looking for something special for your other half. Surely the escape games will be one of the most exciting experiences you’ve ever experienced as a couple. Solve the puzzles, discover the hidden items and get out of the room before time runs out! We promise you, that this will be the most adventurous date you have ever had!

escape rooms thessaloniki

Why should i play?

Escape rooms Thessaloniki require speed, skills and collaboration. However, in addition to their high requirements, Escape games offer significant benefits to the psyche of players. For many years, scientific research proven that challenging and difficult enigmas, enhance brain development. They keep their synapse in action, while creating new ones to be able to cope with the challenges. Escape rooms, help to maintain and develop some basic and very useful functions, such as memory, creativity and dopamine production.

More specifically, participating in Escape rooms Thessaloniki, develops some basic and useful brain capabilities. The puzzles and challenges that teams are asked to manage, require the excellent operation of short-term memory. Only if this part of the brain works properly you will be able to process the large number of items you will find in the room. Creative thinking will surely be your best assistant, because in order to solve the puzzles, you need to think “Outside the Box”. In addition, by participating in this kind of games, you form a holistic way of thinking in order to approach the problem as a whole, rather than in pieces. Finally, Escape Rooms, bring wellness and lift your mood. On a chemical level, this translates into a significant amount of dopamine in the human brain, which is directly linked to positive emotions.

escape rooms thessaloniki

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